Sigtronics SCI-S4 4 Place Stereo Panel Mount Pilot Isolate Intercom - Professional Aviation Headsets

Sigtronics SCI-S4 4 Place Stereo Panel Mount Pilot Isolate Intercom

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    Dual Everything!

    The Sigtronics four and six place SCI-S Series intercoms are voice activated stereo Intercoms with dual volume, squelch, and three modes of operation: All, ISO, and Crew.
    Dual Music Inputs Pilot / Copilot and passengers can choose their own music and have it automatically muted with incoming radio traffic or when the intercom is used. With the dual volume controls, you adjust both front and back seat volumes from one position. We’ve also added the extra volume you wanted.

    The dual squelch controls let you set the squelch of the front and back seats, and with dual squelch indicator lights you know instantly which position to adjust — no more guess work.
    Pilot / Crew Isolate Use pilot isolate (ISO) to allow the pilot alone to talk to ATC, and crew isolate (Crew) to talk to your copilot while your passengers enjoy their own conversation or music. Use the All switch position to allow everyone to talk together. And like all Sigtronics intercoms, the SCI-S Series has our exclusive fail-safe feature. By placing the intercom in the ISO mode of operation, the pilot’s microphone and headphone are routed directly to the aircraft radios. Small Size You will only need a 1” by 2.5” panel space for this powerful intercom that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.
    By using your existing SPA interface cable and just one of the SCI wiring harnesses for music inputs and headphone outputs, the SCI-S is designed to make upgrading from a SPA-400 / SPA-600 easy with a minimum of rewiring.

    All hardware including new stereo headphone jacks are supplied with this easy to install intercom. RFI and EMI Immune We engineer all of our products the right way to prevent RFI and EMI interference, so no need for expensive shielded cable.

    SCI FAA TSO approved series intercoms carry a 5 year parts and labor warranty.