Sigtronics S-20Y General Aviation Headset Child - Professional Aviation Headsets

Sigtronics S-20Y General Aviation Headset Child

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    You’re ready for your first headset. You’re tired of continually losing ear plugs and “say again” has become a part of nearly every radio transmission.

    The S-20Y is a great entry-level headset and the value leader in the Sigtronics headset line.

    The S-20Y doesn’t compromise on quality and we don’t expect you to either, with one of the lightest and quietest headsets in existence.

    The S-20Y incorporates the M-80 microphone, designed specifically for use in high noise environments with its excellent noise canceling properties.

    The microphone gain is set to operate over a wider range of aircraft radios, even handheld radios – the ultimate test. With a light 12.4 oz. weight and 3 year warranty, the S-20Y is a first headset that will last.

    Large / Child Sized Headband
    S-20Y headsets have a medium sized headband. As an option, a large or small (child sized) headband may be ordered with your headset.

    High Flex Cables
    All Sigtronics S-20Y headsets have our exclusive “Stop-Break” high flex cable and RFI/EMI free electronics to make the S-20Y a durable, trouble free lightweight headset.


    • Microphone: M-80
    • Mic Boom: Fully Articulating
    • Main Cable: Straight
    • Cable Plug: Dual General Aviation
    • Weight: 12.oz.
    • Warranty: 3 Years

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