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  • Bad News For American Airlines

    American Airlines is having another disaster of a weekend following further cancellations the airline is experiencing that are coming from bad weather and staff shortages. In today's video, I take. a look at just what has been going on with the airline.

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  • NBAA 2021: Citation Excel Eagle Refurbishment

    There's a reason why the Cessna Citation Excel is in demand on the current used mid-sized business jet market. It's reliable, has good performance and a comfortable cabin. But many aging Excels are in need of avionics, interior and paint upgrades. As a result, three high-level retired Cessna executives started Citation Partners—a company that takes in existing Excels and upgrades the interior, paint and avionics (it doesn't include engine swaps since the hand-picked aircraft it refurbishes have plenty of time left on the existing engines). The company was showing a newly refurbished Excel at the 2021 NBAA-BACE convention in Las Vegas, and Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano sat down with Gary Hay for an overview.
  • The NBAA-BACE national convention is back in Vegas!

    The NBAA-BACE national convention is back in Las Vegas after a one-year hiatus, and the mood is positive. In this video Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano and AVweb Senior Editor Kate O'Connor share their perspectives after walking the convention floor and the aircraft static display on opening day.
  • Review of the New Rotax 915 from AVWeb

    Progressive Aerodyne is in the final stage of testing the new Rotax 915 in the Searey amphibious aircraft. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli visited the fact...
  • New Electric Aircraft Types On The Horizon!

    Exciting new electric powered aircraft are here!!  This technology is truly amazing. Are you ready for the future of aviation?